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Virtual Vision brings the world’s latest technologies, services, products and solutions to the untapped markets of the Middle East, and we partner with the most prominent companies in their respective fields to achieve that goal. We define ourselves is a cloud solution provider in both the Public and Private Cloud. We do not consider ourselves as an information technology company but more as a Business Technology Company. Virtual Vision sells our solutions and products based on business needs and not just because they are cool toys.

Virtual Vision believes that its value has been and will always be in its adoption of new ideas and its focus on cloud deployments. Virtual Vision has been already actively operating a cloud sales process that lies in the premise of private and public cloud. Since 2010 private cloud initiatives have already been established with multiple customers in Saudi Arabia. Our primary beliefs are cemented in the following ideals:

Business Technology – Provide our customers with solutions that will actually benefit them. Our goal is to cut costs, and we do this by insuring that you are equipped with the latest products and methodologies

Infrastructure – We specialize in providing application infrastructure solutions that will help you manage and run your company. We believe in specialization to be able to provide the correct solutions to you.

Don’t be a Box Mover – This has been the life blood of the company in terms of projects. Virtual Vision has recognized early on that purely transactional selling is dead and customers in Saudi Arabia need a full solution provider.

Cloud – Be the first to the Cloud. All in and don’t look back.

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